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Welcome to Velosec Solutions. From architecture to implementation, Velosec provides technical solutions to every business case. If you need a technical leader to represent you in client meetings or be the first point of contact for your development team, VS can take ownership of those roles.

Velosec Solutions provides over 20 years of technical leadership experience. Including experience in web development projects for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Velosec teams with cutting-edge programmers and designers from all over the world to deliver the perfect solutions to all business cases.


Please contact Velosec Solutions today and find out how VS can bring state-of-the-art expertise and best practices to your project.

Recent Works


Take The Throne

Game of Thrones / WebGL Website & Data Visualization


Level 48

Xbox / Skype Integrated Campaign


Living Logo

Seagate Logo Redesign Introduction / WebGL Website & Data Visualization


How It's Done

Troy-Bilt Custom Video Story Creator